May 25, 2023

Series 3 Recap | Ep 032

Series 3 Recap | Ep 032
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Today we're recapping all the great information from Series 3. 4 episodes all wrapped up into one! This is just short snippets, so make sure to listen to the full series if you haven't already!! There is so much great information about branding your business!

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Kacie: That. What's up guys? We are so excited to come to you. Another week of the Business Project podcast. This week we are doing, or today actually we are doing a summary Yeah. Of the entire branding series. Ooh. Do you remember the branding series? It feels 

John: like it was ages ago. It does, because we've done so much.

Like I'm excited about just where this this podcast is going and just what we're sharing that it feels so long ago that 

Kacie: it's okay. Yeah. This interview series that we just finished up was absolutely amazing. So if you guys haven't seen it, make sure that you go back and watch all of the amazing interviews that we did for real.

John: There were so many gems dropped, so much great information that can help us in our business journey that, oh my God, I will be, I have those on repeat, so every now and then I go back and listen to them because. You got a lot of good nuggets to 

Kacie: share. Yeah, they're good ones. All right, so you guys enjoy the summary of our branding series.

If you find any of these things that we're talking about interesting or want additional information, you can go back and watch the entire series. We went over so much stuff. We went over how your branding makes you feel. There's so much more to branding than just colors and logos. Yeah, and fonts, and so we go over all of that for you guys.

You guys enjoy? 

John: Yes, enjoy it. As a matter of fact, I just had a conversation with someone the other day. About how important the branding part of their business is, and they're like, I'm so, I don't know even know where to get in. I was like, well, watch our podcast. It'll help you. Yeah, 

Kacie: it'll help because it's true.

Even if you've already got branding, it helps. 

John: That's right. Yeah, so enjoy it. Put it to work. Really, it only makes sense and it only works if you execute on what you learn, so take notes and really put it into action and then test it and see what works. Yep. Let's get into it. Enjoy.

Kacie: The Business Project podcast business can be complicated. We break it down to regular people like us can 

John: understand and find success. I'm John Crespo, accountant and consultant. 

Kacie: I'm Kacie Bryant, marketer and event planner. If you run a business or want to run a business, 

John: welcome to the show.

Kacie: This is the fun stuff y'all. And I think typically when you think of branding, what do y'all think of? You think of colors and logos and fonts and all of that stuff. But we're gonna dive deeper into branding. We're gonna go over that, but we're also gonna dive deeper into branding because. There's a lot of things that y'all don't think about, right?

When, when it comes to branding, that's just like secondhand thoughts or you don't even realize that that is a, that's something that plays into it. Things like, um, we're gonna go over obviously the print and the online stuff, but then customer experience. How do your customers feel when they see your business or they see your logo or they go to your website?

And branding is just such an important thing. And so we're gonna, that's what we're gonna talk about today. We're just gonna do an overview. Today's the basics of branding, and then we're gonna dive deeper into some of those things later on in the series. So what do you think about branding in the farming industry?

Like when you think about a brand in the farming industry, what do you think about milk 

John: cows? Yeah. Corn fields like, like delmonte. 

Kacie: Isn't that bananas? 

John: Bananas. The canned, canned vegetables. Yeah. 

Kacie: So branding farmers brand their cows. Mm. Right. That's what you're talking about. Yeah. Like they, they burn their brand into the cows so that they can.

Recognize the cow so that people can say, Hey, this cow belongs to this rancher. Mm-hmm. And, and so I think that that is just a big overall picture of what we, what we are trying to accomplish. When we are doing branding, we have all of these pieces, all of these cows that are a part of our ranch. And it is really important that every single cow has something recognizable on it so that it attaches that cow.

To that farm, to that rancher. Yeah. 

John: So branding for print is, um, what, like, we were talking a little bit earlier before the podcast started is, you know, what is branding for print and what does it entail? And you mentioned, you know, if you gotta do the, the, the stuff for the clothing, the, the. The business cards, any flyers, any signs, um, anything that your logo, your image, your, your, is gonna be displayed on.

Anything you can touch, anything you can touch. There you 

Kacie: go. Tangible. Yep. Anything you can touch. So this is flyers, this is business cards. This is hats, this is shirts, signs, brochures. Pretty much anything that you're gonna put your logo or your information on that you can touch. That's good. Yeah. And there's a lot that I think people don't consider when it comes into create, creating, branding, or doing print.

And so we're gonna go over just a couple of bullet points today on things to make sure that you're being intentional about paying attention to as you're working on your branding for print. And the first thing that we're gonna talk about is consistency. We talked about this a lot in the past episode. I feel like we talk about this in.

This is relates to so much in your business mm-hmm. Is being consistent. 

John: It's just an umbrella theme that you should have in every, every aspect of your business is consistency, because that is what builds the right habits when you're consistent and you can do it all the time, and you do it over and over and over, and over and over again.

Yeah. Builds 

Kacie: the right habits. I, I personally have a really hard time with consistency because I get bored. And I wanna get creative and I'm like, I've seen this font in these colors 500 times. I wanna see something new and fresh. Yeah. And, but that is not what you wanna do when it comes to branding for your business.

You wanna do that all at the very beginning. I. And create a branding guide, which we've talked about in previous episodes. And that is consistency with, you know, these are the fonts that we use, these are the colors that we use. Mm-hmm. Even like, this is the type of imagery that you, we use. So for the business project, it's a lot of like, feel good, cozy.

We want you to like grab a cup of coffee and come have a conversation with us. It's not corporate or like, we are the masters and we make a bazillion dollars and blah, blah, blah. It's more like, Let's have a conversation. Business is complicated and let's, let's just have a conversation, grab a coffee, get comfy, and let's break it down and make it simple.

And so that is all part of our, our branding. And when we created our branding guide, we picked. Those types of imagery. Imagery, and we put them into our branding guide so that anytime somebody is working on something for us, we could be like, here, these are the fonts we use, these are the colors we use, these are the type of images that we use.

This is the overall look and feel of what we want our brand to be. We use a lot of borders, so like our logo or the business project as a border around it, we incorporate that border into a lot of our, our images, and that's just all part of brand recognition. And um, so consistency mm-hmm. Is the number one.

Thing that is super duper important whenever you are creating branding for print. The, um, so as you're working on your branding online, I think something that a lot of businesses don't think about is the way that you sound and working on your audio and your tone of voice. Because as a business owner, a lot of, if you're not doing video by the way, then you are just missing out on the boat.

You need to be, you don't have to dance on TikTok like there are. Many other ways of doing video. You don't even have to necessarily be on video, even though if you are a small business. You should be, because that is why people support small businesses is to support the person. And they can't know the person.

If they don't see the person. No, no. Like and trust. No, like And trust. Yeah. So if, I'm sorry to tell you, if you're not doing video, you need to pull up your big boy pants and you need to step out into that world as a business owner. 

John: Get outta your comfort zone. Gotta get out of the comfort zone, 

Kacie: but, and it just takes practice.

Yeah. But when you're doing that, you need to really pay attention. To make sure, so in the past episode we talked about print. Mm-hmm. And consistency in print and fonts and colors and logos and simplicity and all of that stuff. And that still is important obviously as you're doing things online, cuz you're still gonna be using fonts and colors and logos.

And we'll get into more of that in a minute. But when it comes to your branding online, it also includes, The way that you dress, the way that you talk, your tone of voice and the type of content that you put out there, 

John: branding and how you feel. It makes people feel a certain way. 

Kacie: It does, and a lot of times when a business is getting started and creating their branding, they are, they don't even think about it.

They just say, Hey, majority don't think about it. For sure. Yeah. Hey, I like these colors, or I like this font, or, this looks good together. This is pretty. But they don't really think about being intentional about what those colors, how those colors make people feel. Cuz certain colors are associated with certain things not intentionally in their brain.

And also certain fonts make you feel a certain way and certain shapes make you feel a certain way. And so today we're just gonna talk about how you make people feel with your branding. Also, it's not just colors and shapes and fonts, it's. The customer experience. Mm. The 

John: sound. The look, the feel, the 

Kacie: smell.

All that, yeah. Is part of your branding. People get overwhelmed cuz there's so many pieces to it. There's the fonts and the colors and the shapes and the logo and the feel of the paper and all those things that we talked about in our last podcast. But then there's also the smell and the lighting and the color of the furniture.

And is it, you know, hard furniture? Is it cushiony furniture? Like all of that stuff, the pictures on the wall, the color of the paint, like all of that stuff matters. And, and so I think there's just so many things that sometimes we're like, okay, we're just gonna pick this cuz we like this, or this is cheap so we're gonna buy it.

But. The way all of those things come together is so important, and you can really use this as an advantage in your business, like the church with the smell. Mm-hmm. You know, that is something that they created, whether it was intentional or not. Now, every time I go somewhere and I smell that smell, I think of that church.

And you can create that in your business, right? What's 

John: going on? We are back and this is what we have coming up in our podcast that is going to make everything just fall into place. This is where. You generate all that 

Kacie: money. I'm really looking forward to our next series. We're gonna get into sales. Yes.

All about sales. Sales is one thing that I struggle with cuz I hate asking for things. How important is sales in a business? So important. I mean, you can't run a business without sales. You're not making any money. 

John: Why are you in business? Yeah, you can have all the great intentions of the world, but if you're not making any money, why are you in business?

Kacie: Exactly. You're not a non-profit, even a non-profit. Yeah. So we're gonna get into all of the things, how to face rejection, how to, uh, fix your pricing. We're gonna go over systems and sales, I mean the whole shebang. And we've got a really great guest, John, who is very experienced in sales. Another John.

Another John. Not this John. Such a common name. 

John: Yes. But if we're all good people, for the most part, 

Kacie: this is true. You and John are both good people. Yeah. Yeah. So we will see you back next week as we get into our sales series. 

John: Oh, this is gonna be a good one. So follow along and share please, because everybody can take advantage of this.



Kacie: ya. See ya.